The big project is a belly flop

Day 5

361 Days/$350.50

Well I would like to say that my big project went exactly according to plan, but the truth is that I am still only a beginning sewer and have never ventured outside of making pillows and other items with straight lines. The idea was supposed to be to make a child’s sweater dress out of an adult sweater. I began with an XL gray Old Navy sweater that was in a box in my nana’s basement when we cleaned out her house. I was super excited about making this sweater into a dress because it has the most adorable pocket on the front that I thought would be so cute on a dress.

I completely forgot to take a before picture of the sweater. So I did the next best thing and took a picture of all the scraps after I cut it down to the sizes I needed.

There was so much cut off to fit my petite four year old! I completely followed the tutorial, but got lost when it came to the sleeves portion. Instead of offering a good explanation she refers you to someone else’s tutorial. However, even in both tutorials it does not really show you how to sew a sleeve back on so I decided to wing it. Probably a big mistake….

The results came out so cute, but Leyla complained about the dress because it fit funny. It was a little awkward in the arms. I wish that she had liked it enough that she would deal with it because it really did look cute on her, but I can’t blame a girl for wanting to wear something that fits….

So cute isn’t it? Couldn’t you just picture it with tights and leg warmers?

Anyway, I saved the flowers from the project, which came out pretty cute after I sewed them and I will use them for something else. I tried my best to salvage the sweater dress. I tried taking the neck in better, working on the arms…I even tried putting in a button in the back to help it fit better where it was wrong. No matter what it just wouldn’t work.

So what became of the dress that couldn’t be? I cut all the wrong parts off and sewed in an elastic to turn it into a cute knit skirt for my older daughter. I think you could say she’s pretty happy with how it turned out. It looks great as a skirt and fits perfectly!

Rorey modeling her new skirt

Hard to believe that adorable skirt came from a huge sweater right? I think I learned an important lesson today to never give up. With that said…I did decide that one was enough for tonight. I had good intentions of making a second one for my other daughter. I guess my second rookie mistake of the day was assuming that someone new to sewing could finish projects in 20 minutes. Good thing it’s Saturday and I didn’t have any thing else planned. Whew! That project was a long one!

I will be making two more skirts like this instead of dresses  unless I find a better tutorial for arms. I will also be doing projects the next three days using the scrap pieces from these sweaters!

Close up of the skirt and pocket

Total Cost: Free!

Find this tutorial at:

                                                                                                                                Source: via Falyn on Pinterest



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